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Kep is back!

With our partners Delight Corp. we will have the third edition of the Kep half marathon this year!

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Cambodia Eco Run

10k results

00:34:09 Ma Viro
00:35:13 Vann Pheara
00:36:49 Brendon Hands Thomas
00:38:09 Chea Saphors
00:38:35 NHIM Chansothea
00:39:21 Hiroshi Ake
00:39:49 ROST Benjamin
00:43:26 Shigeki Muruoka
00:44:20 LENG SOvannareach
00:44:56 KIM saroeun
00:45:28 Bum Sokha
00:45:59 SENG Saren
00:46:57 Khut Sros
00:47:08 Lukas Koch
00:47:20 CHAN Vannak
00:47:27 Khot vantha
00:47:38 WOOD Leah
00:48:14 HOL Varin
00:48:21 Liu Melissa
00:49:16 OM Chariya
00:49:46 UON Makara
00:50:06 YOU Keaseng
00:50:33 Massau
00:50:38 SOK Bunnarith
00:51:54 Yathol Radeth
00:52:42 Sok Maradi
00:52:57 Huijbregts Richard
00:53:02 Jack Cooper
00:53:08 HOEURN Sokkhim
00:53:17 Malaya Carmona
00:53:20 MEAS Chhay
00:53:42 KHY Sophea
00:53:46 CHEA Meng Eang
00:53:58 HAY Valentin
00:53:58 Salim Ly
00:54:38 Ngin Rithy
00:55:03 YATHOL Rada
00:55:30 NGOR Pengty
00:58:03 KOY Ponlork
01:00:16 Pin Pun
01:02:19 Ear Sokkchhay
01:02:35 Min Bunnaroth
01:03:14 Tha Davit
01:03:33 MOCH Sovannara
01:03:44 LIM Chhayada
01:03:57 Pon Chausoheak
01:03:59 Patty Legorreta
01:04:01 Heng Borady
01:04:17 UNG Sampisey
01:04:34 Lee Foo Yenn
01:04:40 HOEURN Phannith
01:05:52 Mom Thet
01:05:53 Arthur Suquet
01:05:54 Maxime Rosenburger
01:05:55 Ros Champey
01:06:37 NOEURN Piseth
01:09:40 NHEA Makkara
01:12:17 CHEA Poeu
01:14:27 Erin SALVAGGIO
01:14:27 PHAT Pitou


5k results

Kang Thoern 00:17:01
Phat Sophut 00:17:33
Neil Bianchi 00:17:42
HIROYA Kon 00:18:47
MENG Hak 00:19:17
Fabrizio Amador 00:19:52
Oung Lynmeng 00:20:08
Sovanna Long 00:22:10
YATHOL Radeth 00:22:55
CHEA Phatana 00:23:18
Phal Rathana 00:23:21
Nhem Liheng 00:23:28
83 00:24:05
EANG Rothmony 00:24:10
Norn Sovanneth 00:24:21
SOTH Pilot 00:24:57
87 00:27:36
Will Sherwood 00:29:21
BEN Yamin 00:30:00
MC Cooper 00:30:59
KHEAN Rathana 00:31:03
EANG Sovannara 00:31:14
Rachel Schreiber 00:31:26
Sarah Wong/Bon Vuthy 00:31:46
Khoun Chan Vitou 00:31:49
Rathen 00:32:02
Saroth Kong 00:32:03
HEM Boran 00:32:44
BellaWorrel 00:33:47
101 00:34:14
Penh Chansophear 00:34:44
199 00:35:20
67 00:35:33
Nim Theat 00:35:48
Khai Pechpisey 00:35:51
111 00:35:51
MEAN Makara 00:36:00
EANG Saravuth 00:36:00
You Vanny 00:36:45
Sopheak Dalin Kong 00:36:46
HOEUB Pengheang 00:37:00
Ung Dara 00:37:30
Daryn Dusansky 00:37:40
Ruby Murray 00:37:42
Lucy Maremont 00:37:42
Anna Rose Craig 00:37:44
Leang sokleap 00:37:46
LENG Hong Meng 00:38:03
Chan Rattanak Vanna 00:38:24



Applications have been closed! See you at our next event!

Silk Island Ecomarathon


Adobe Acrobat Document 232.7 KB

A great time was had by all runners and staff on Ko Dach, and many participants came away with personal bests on a fast and easy-to-navigate course. 

See the below for 10k results, our staff will come up with details for the team competition and the other distances shortly.

The number of runners this time was bigger than in the two previous events, and it was the biggest chip-timed event we had in Cambodia. Only in the good old days of the Beeline Time Trial we had more people running.

Personally, I felt happy to see several families coming out and enjoying a day out while being active. I was also very impressed by the performances of some of the juniors, We-Run/RIC will continue supporting them as one of our main priorities.

Certificates for completing the course

Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB

Tonle Sap River Run Results

Thanks to all participants and our great staff! We really had a fun time out at Tonle Sap River, and the groundwork was laid for more of this to come!

Jean Loup Colombi continued his dominance, this time over the shorter distance of 10k, being the only finisher under 40 minutes.

In the women's division, the usual suspect Vero Messina took it relatively easy finishing in 44:48.

Jacob Petersen had to leave right away, so he decided for the shorter 5k and kicked butt in 20:15.

In the women's 5k, Muyngim Eng ran a PB in 22:38, not unexpected after her recent surge on other distances and in training.

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Results Battambang Half

Thanks to all runners and staff of the inaugural Battambang Bamboo Half Marathon! We had a high quality field with an amazing 1:30:47 winners time, congrats to Jean Loup Colombi!

The 10km were won by Guillaume Mellet in 51:09, a great effort as it was his first race ever!

And apologies to Hiroya Kon and Benjamin Rost, because they got off course while running in 3rd and 4th position, really sorry as we just didn't have enough helpers to cover all the difficult turns. We will improve on that next time!




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Couple Run 091218 results

Thanks to 46 runners, couples and individuals, for joining today's Couple Run! And thanks to our enthusiastic staff! See the results below, and enjoy the video.

Thanks Pro-VIDA for sponsoring the natural source spring water!

Photos will be posted here later, and you can contact Leng for prints (paid service) at:

Next event is our Ekiden on December 23, watch this site for more info!

Finisher Certificate
FInisher Certificate PP091218.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.0 MB
1 00:22:39 35 Chea/male
2 00:22:40 53 Bianchi/male
3 00:24:02 52 Kendrik/male
4 00:25:23 32 Yann/Thida
5 00:26:18 48 Lim/male
6 00:26:28 58 Tii/male
7 00:26:31 34 Chun/Li
8 00:27:55 104 Phu/male
9 00:28:46 49 Phal/male
10 00:29:13 59 Xich/male
11 00:30:16 51 Khoeun/male
12 00:31:26 102 Ma/male
13 00:31:44 50 Sri/male
14 00:31:51 101 Lanh/male
15 00:32:33 57 Lee/male
16 00:32:43 42 Erika/Xiao Ju
17 00:33:36 103 Luom/male
18 00:34:24 54 Ung/male
19 00:35:00 41 Lilian/Nith
20 00:35:27 37 Hiroya/Abe
21 00:36:32 110 Sovannak/male
22 00:36:35 39 Maruoka/Honoka
23 00:36:39 43 Jamie/Hermes
24 00:37:12 38 Nguyen/Mikuni
25 00:40:00 107 Khanh/male
26 00:40:01 56 Srin/male
27 00:40:33 109 Sat/female
Results as PDF
Adobe Acrobat Document 14.9 KB

Running Marathon in Cambodia - info here!

Battambang Bamboo Road Race #1

Thanks to all participants and staff for supporting today's inaugural Battambang Bamboo Road Race. The winner was Viro Ma in 36:16 for 10k, with yours truly guiding him on the bike. Unfortunately, due to some misunderstandings with our still inexperienced staff, some runners lost their way and the times we took don't reflect their actual performance, therefore I will not publish them here.

However, right after the race I ran the improved course for the second edition, which will take place as soon as our race director, Muyngim Eng, is back in the country, so watch this place for more news about exciting events in Battambang. 

Thanks to Daun Penh Company for sponsoring the Pro vida mineral water for our race in Battambang!

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