Our young team conducted another successful Beeline time-trial, and the big news on the running road was that Yann Defond came in only second in the men's 10k, loosing to running guest Andy Smythe from Newcastle - but not by much, so he will be preparing his revenge.

And, Nary Ly returned back to form in the women's 10k, and as a first-time-guest at our event! Happy to have such an accomplished member of the national team!

And yes, another Nary won the 5k, Nary Vann, team CHIBODIA, in 25:09! Congrats, young lady!

Another big news is that Beeline Arena has changed the owner and is not into sports anymore. So, the time-trial needs a name, preferably one that comes with a sponsor. If you have any suggestions, please contact us!

Detailed results in the results section, pictures in the pictures section.