A great time was had by all participants of the inaugural Anouvong Fun Run at the Mekong River in Vientiane/Laos.

The organisers had worked hard to scout a course and measure it. Still, on the day technical problems caused the lead bike to fall behind the fastest runner, but Adam, true to tradition in his home town, Melbourne, the City of Sports, still made it to the turn-around, found our marker, and headed back towards the King Anouvong statue.

Here are the results:

      Anouvong Fun Run-1st edition Jan 4 2015    
No. Name Sex/Age Nationality Distance Time
1 Adam Fitzgerald M/34   Australia 10k 41.01
2 Guemas Gatiem M/23   France 10k 58:58:00
3 Oceane Mergaert F/27   France 10k                       
4 Muyngim ENG F/23   Cambodia 5k 23.58
5 Mberto M Spain 5k 24.05
6 Naoya Hankawa M/38   Japan 5k 26.34
7 hamlet leifeng M/50 China   China 5k 27.56
8 oulayvanh Phouthavong F/24   Laos 5k 45.45
9 namiko fujimoto F   Japan 5k 45.45