Next event: May 17.2015

Registration: 6:30-7am (Start after walking to Japanese Bridge, about 15min)

Fee: 2$/adults*, 1$/high-school students

Prizes: Greatly improved, thanks to our sponsors below!

Categories: Male/Female

K-markers: 1-5, last 1k

Course: Flat, watch cars and motorbikes, please.

Water: At goal, 2,5k, 5k, 7.5k (bring 'my-cup' for start/goal!)

Results and info about future editions: runningincambodia .org

Gratitudes to: Beeline Arena, Independence Monument Printing Shop, The Ramen Kiosk, Trailblazers Guesthouse, Trattoria Bello

*payment can be made on the day, but please register in advance and fill in survey above

Email: Please use form above



                           099 998 118 (Sothea)

097 806 0169 (Andrew)

Course map
Course map

What is so special about this eco-event?


We, Cambodian runners and our foreign friends, want to make this country a healthier place. We encourage people to exercise, care about the environment, be aware of social issues, inspire them to become sportswomen and -men, and get ready for the SEA GAMES 2023.

Our k-markers are made from re-cycled paper, laminated for reuse, with pet-bottles as weights. We use re-useable, washable bibs. Money will be handled without envelopes. Most of our advertisement is paperless on web, if we use flyers, we make them re-usable for the next event (date can be changed or cut). Runners are requested to bring own safety pins, or use a triathlon belt. All marshals and helpers use bicycles. Water cups are washed and rotated, 'my cup' at goal is encouraged. We use paper cups, not pet-bottles, as the latter are too big and usually thrown half-full.

In general, all garbage is collected and properly disposed of.


Gratitudes to: Beeline Arena, Independent Monument Printing, and The Ramen Kiosk